The Associate (Unabridged)

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The Associate (Unabridged)
By John Grisham
Narrated By Vincent Marzello

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Length: 13 hours and 25 min.
Customer Rating: 3.33

Audiobook Summary:

Castlibrary UK is proud to present The Associate (Unabridged). This audiobook is available for download for our UK based customers.

It's a deadly game of blackmail. And they're making him play.

Kyle McAvoy is one of the outstanding legal students of his generation with a glittering future ahead of him. But he has a secret that threatens to destroy his fledgling career and, possibly, his entire life.

One night that secret catches up with him in the form of some bad men in a dark alley - and they have a video of the incident that haunts him. Kyle no longer owns his own future - he must do as they tell him. What price do they demand for Kyle's secret?

Strangely, it is for Kyle to do exactly what any ambitious young lawyer would want to do: take a job in New York as an associate at the largest law firm in the world, a job that is incredibly well paid and could lead to partnership and a fortune.

Only Kyle won't be working for the company, but against it. Will his intellect, cunning and bravery be enough to extricate him from an impossible dilemma?

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