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How does our downloadable audio book service work?

  • Sign up for the service:
    Click Here to sign up for Audible Audio Book Program (Audible is operated by and is CastLibrary's download book to mp3 partner). (NOTE: You can cancel at any time. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever with this plan. If you find that the service is not for you, merely cancel and KEEP any audio books you have downloaded! That means you can download and keep an audio book for only £7.99 and not pay a penny more.)
  • What You Get:
    You get a credit for an audio book every month. That means you can download books to your MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, or PC and get a new audiobook every month. If you need more audiobooks you can sign up for a two book a month program, or just buy the audio books you want at discount prices. You also get software to manage your audio books so that you can burn them to audio CDs, download books to mp3 or listen to them on your computer, ipod, iphone or any other MP3 player.
  • Download Software:
    Installing the software for downloading books to mp3 players is a FREE, one-time action that allows you to manage the audiobook titles you've downloaded. This software also includes the functionality to burn your titles as audio CDs that can be listened to on any standard CD player. You can also use iTunes to download audio books to iPods and iPhones or stream the audiobook right from your computer.
  • Purchase and Download your audiobook title(s):
    Choose from an ever-expanding library of more than 60,000 audio books, magazines, newspapers and podcasts. No matter what your listening desires, you'll find everything you're looking for here! Download books to mp3 and transfer your audio books to your portable listening device: Want to listen to your audiobooks while you're on the go? Well that's no problem! In fact, one of the most convenient things about audio books is being free to listen to them anywhere and anytime. Listen while jogging, driving, working out or taking a walk!
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Why join versus downloading audio books one at a time?

  • Members Receive Special Pricing:
    Members pay only £7.99 per month and receive one credit each month which allows them to download an audio book of their choice.* This amounts to a HUGE savings over retail prices! In addition members also receive access to free bonus content each month including exclusive celebrity interviews and podcasts!
  • NO OBLIGATION! Cancel Anytime!
    We're so certain you'll love our service that we offer a no hassle cancellation policy. If for any reason whatsoever you're not pleased with our service, simply cancel and keep the books you've downloaded! 30% Members Only Discount on Additional Audio Books. Let's face it, sometimes you're going to want more than one book per month. Well we have you covered as any additional audiobooks that you download beyond your one audio book each month are steeply discounted at 30% off retail! For an audio book that retails for £25 that's a savings of over £7!
  • Convenient Rollover Credits!
    Enjoy listening to your books at your own pace with our convenient rollover credits. If you haven't used your credits by the end of the month they'll be rolled over into the following month for up to 6 months.
  • FREE Audio Management Software.
    As a member, you'll receive free software that manages the transfer of audio books to your portable media player. You can also use this software to burn audio to CD format or listen to the files on your PC or Mac. * Please note that a small percentage of audio books require more than one credit due to their length and size.
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